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Mobile Legends Fanny In-depth Guide with Item Build

Every dream of killing titans and hooking into some walls like the Attack on Titans characters?. Well, Mobile Legends – Bang Bang created a hero similar to the skills and the actions of the AOT characters. One commonly used hero in ranked games is Fanny. Fanny’s mobility enables her to easily transfer from one lane to another, making it so hard to catch and to kill. She hooks into the walls and attacks when she moves through an enemy.


Before anything else, let us try to learn her skills. Learning the skills of the heroes can help you make your own combination in attacking enemies.

Passive – Air Superiority

Increases damage dealt to target while flying 15% to 30% according to flying speed and adds a Prey marker to the target which can stack up to 2 times. Killing a hero with a Prey marker will regenerate energy for Fanny, 10 points per layer.


Tornado Strike


Whirls her blade, dealing 260 physical damage to nearby enemies



Steel Cable


Throws out a cable that draws her to the first obstacle that it hits. Each successive use within 3s will decrease mana cost 1. If energy is sufficient, Tornado Strike will be triggered.



Cut Throat


Initiates an attack on an enemy, dealing 500 physical damage. If it hits an enemy with a Prey marker, damage will increase 20% per layer.




In order to execute it successfully you need to be fast. The faster you are, the harder you can be and your enemy will be easily slain. Be sure to have a buff always to have sufficient energy in doing combos.

Steel Cable-> Cut throat -> Tornado Strike -> Steel Cable

  1. (Steel Cable) Grapple to the walls going to the enemy or target (be sure to hit the enemy to deal damage)
  2. Cut throat to the enemy to deal massive damage
  3. Tornado strike to finish the enemy
  4. (Steel Cable) Grapple again to escape the turret or the enemy’s allies


I used these items depending on my enemies. You can make your own items and test it on the “Custom”.

Damage Item

These damage items is used when the enemy is so soft, where you can easily deal damage to them. Note that you are soft when using these items.

  1. Raptor Machete
  2. Warrior Boots
  3. Bloodlust Axe
  4. Rose Gold Meteor
  5. Demon’s Advent
  6. Immortality


Durability Item

These durability items is used when most of your enemies is a damage dealer. These could help you to continually deal damage to the enemies and enables you to hold damages and escape if you are low on health

  1. Bloodlust Axe
  2. Blade Armor
  3. Rose Gold Meteor
  4. Wings of Apocalypse Queen
  5. Endless Battle
  6. Demon’s Advent


Here is a grappling technique by xFinity


All in all, you should practice this tricks and use this items in “Custom”. Remember practice makes perfect. You will gradually master the cable techniques and all the grappling points without looking at the map after you have practiced many times. Fanny is a hrad hero but an over-powered one if used by an experienced user.

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