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[FIXED] USB Shortcut Virus

Most of the time viruses where transferred from one computer to another. There are a lot of ways of infecting other computers. One of the most common carrier of viruses are USB or Flash Drives. Everywhere we use our flash drives to transfer files but we may not know what files hold viruses.


What kind of Virus a USB has?

There are different kinds of viruses. The commonly known virus that is present in a Flash Drives is a shortcut virus. This kind of virus hides your files and makes a shortcut to your Flash Drive. This kind of virus comes from an error of connection between the computer and the flash drive. It can be a worm or a malware type of virus where it can infect computers. If you have opened one of the shortcuts, this could infect your computer and run some unknown services.

Here is an example of a Shortcut Virus

This “Gwapo KO” Flash Drive is infected of a shortcut virus.


How to avoid getting a Shortcut Virus?

One thing you can do is to properly eject your Flash Drive to a computer. This could help in avoiding error connections between the computer and the Flash Drive. Make sure that the computer that you are using is virus free. You should also scan the flash drive before using to avoid further infection.

How to fix a Flash Drive if it has been infected?

I have coded an application that can easily show your lost files in your flash drive. It is a simple batch file with no hidden code that could damage your computer.Download it here.

Here is an overview of the application.

Open PORTAL.bat and enter number “1” (without quotes) then press Enter.

Enter the letter of your flash drive then press Enter. In my case, the “Gwapo KO” flash drive is “F:”.


After you have seen that message, press enter to open your USB.


The folder that has no name is the folder where all your files can be found.

I hoped that these helped you in fixing your USB. If you have any questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

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