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WoW Arena Maps – The Ring of Valor

Map Overview

This maps design comes from the horde capital of Orgrimmar. It is located in the Valley of Honor and is the symbol for true gladiator style battles. Orcs come here to practice in bloody combat, sometimes ending in severe injury or death.

The map used in the actual arena rotation is of a larger scale to the one in Orgimmar. In truth this arena is by and large the most universally despised map. The zone itself is responsible for much more of the match strategy than any other.

You first start out on an elevator that is below the arena. Once the preparation time runs out, the platform begins to rise. Only a few feet on the opposite side of platform is the opposing team’s elevator, rising as yours does. Once you both are at the top, the match begins with you and the enemy practically face to face. This leaves little time to think and only react.

The layout of the arena once the match begins is the two elevators in the middle, 2 small pillows behind each elevator and two very large pillows on either side of the arena. Its overall shape is oval with the further ends having the large pillows. The most annoying and game changing part of this arena is the pillars. They are on a timer where the smaller pillows will be up for a time and once they go down, the larger pillows will go up. This is where the game is often won or lost if a transition between rolls is needed but not completed. A persistent glitch of this map are pets getting stuck on the elevators, its different for each class but pressing the passive button a lot or using certain abilities on your pet to attack a foe will get it unstuck.

If you are not good at instant combat than this arena will be a hated one in the rotation. It is all about using the map with your strategies, you have to adapt especially if you rely on line-of-sight opponents a great deal to win. The smaller pillows start out up so healers will generally make a run for those at the beginning while dps does its thing. Coordinate a switch to the larger pillar if needed. It will take some practice but eventually you will have the instincts to know what is needed to win.

Source by Jeff Vaehlin

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