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How to Connect My HP Printer to a Computer

This article explains the procedure for connecting an HP printer to a computer of any brand. The methods compiled here are reliable and easy-to-use. After that it is recommended that you follow them carefully to avoid facing problems when connecting the HP printer to your computer.

If you want to start using your HP printer to do the print jobs, you must connect it to your computer. It is an easy task, however, it can be cumbersome in the absence of proper instructions. Considering this, we have designed a free HP printer that will help you easily connect your HP printer to your computer.


Before you start connecting your printer to your computer, make sure that you are already done with the HP printer setup on your computer. If you have not set up (installed) the printer on your computer, grab the HP setup disk and insert it into the drive of your computer. Wait for the automatic prompt to come up. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the setup procedure. When prompted, reboot your computer.

If you do not see any automatic prompt after inserting the disk, browse to My Computer and look for the removable drive icon. Double-click to open the HP setup.exe file and follow the above mentioned procedure. If you do not have the HP setup disk, open your internet browser and visit the HP website. Browse to the drivers section and download the latest, compatible drivers for your HP printer.

When done setting up the printer, grab the USB cable that came with your printer. Connect your computer to your HP printer using this USB cable. When plugged in properly, you will see an automatic prompt like found new hardware etc. Click on the Start menu and browse to Devices and Printers under Control Panel. When in the Devices & Printers window, click the Add a Printer link. When prompted, click to choose add a local printer option and then hit Next to proceed.

When prompted to choose the manufacturer brand, choose Hewlett Packard. Afterwards, click to choose the model or your printer and hit the Next button. When prompted, enter a name for your HP printer. You can give any desired name to your computer. It is only required for you to recognize your printer when you connect to it to do the print job. If you want to share your HP printer on a network, select the option and follow rest of the instructions.

If you do not want to share the printer, then select the desired option and hit the Next button. If you want to set your printer to a default one, select the option and hit Next. Afterwards, hit the Finish button to finish establishing the connection. When done, close all the windows and reboot your computer. If you want a printer shortcut on your desktop, browse to the Devices & Printers section, select the HP printer, right click on it and choose Create a shortcut.

Exit all the windows. You will now see a printer icon on your desktop. Double-click on the icon to open it and start the printing job. If you want to customize the printing job, right click on the HP printer icon and select Properties from the drop-down options.

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