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Computers Newbiz Deployed

Hello, ComputerGuru here. I will be your mentor thoughout this blog. I hope I could help you andwill be able to educate you as well. It is my pleasure and my duty to ensure that my students will be able to improve and hone their skills in computers.

Through out these years, computers have evolved into something that is capable in doing unimaginable things. Every year there are new features added into its system. It is kind of hard to cope up with its improvement. There are things that we cannot solve by our selves if we faced problems regarding computers. WE NEED HELP in doing so.

Computers Newbiz is a blog about the latest and most frequently asked questions. The goal of this blog is to provide a solution to a problem and share a recently acquired information to make an awareness towards the people.

Stay tuned in this blog. I will post significant informations that could help lighten your burden or difficulty in understanding computers.

Let the meditation begin!


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